Braiding/Sleeves Fabrics

Inventory ID Name Weave Pattern Width (mm) Warp/Weft
CFS001 CCS253K Carbon Fibre 25 3K
CFS002 CCS503K Carbon Fibre 50 3K
CFS003 CCS753K Carbon Fibre 75 3K
CFS004 CCS1003K Carbon Fibre 100 3K
CFS005 CCS256K Carbon Fibre 25 6K
CFS006 CCS506K Carbon Fibre 50 6K
CFS007 CCS756K Carbon Fibre 75 6K
CFS008 CCS1006K Carbon Fibre 100 6K
CFS009 CCS2512K Carbon Fibre 25 12K
CFS010 CCS5012K Carbon Fibre 50 12K
CFS011 CCS7512K Carbon Fibre 75 12K
CFS012 CCS10012K Carbon Fibre 100 12K


  • Knitted fabrics such as tapes, sleeves and variable cross-section fabrics
  • Directly used as reinforcement of composite materials
  • Excellent structural integrity and structural conformity
  • It is superior to traditional fibre laminates in terms of production efficiency, automation level, material yield and manufacturing cost.

Equal cross section

Variable cross-section