3-D Woven Fabric

The 3-D Woven fabrics posses high resistance to impact damage due to the improved interlaminar and out of plane strength. The unique design allows for a higher stability capacity. Various cross-section shapes are available. 3D Weaving techniques can be used to produce near-net-shape structures. These preforms can be processed using, for example, resin transfer moulding, to produce composite components extremely efficiently. Cathay Composites offers a full in-house design service from original concept drawings, through to prototyping and into serial production.


  1. 3-D Woven Prefabrics with various section such as I-beams, variable thickness fabrics, stiffeners, sinusoidal curved beams;
  2. Rotary body and special-shaped preform.


  • Weave architecture can be optimised to enhance part performance
  • Z-direction reinforcement reduces de-lamination issues
  • Optimised mechanical properties due to targeted fibre placement
  • 3D fabrics have excellent permeability – reduced infusion time
  • Multi-layer fabrics can be achieved through 3D weaving techniques
  • Fibre types can be hybridised to improve performance
  • Economical solution for complex shapes


Variable thickness

Stiffened plate

Sinusoidal beam